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"Very good sessions that helped a great deal and I enjoyed learning what I could do to help myself after the sessions were over. All the workers were super friendly and very easy to work with. They listened to my concerns and helped me understand what was being worked on to help the situation."
Apr 08, 2019
"I was extremely pleased with my time spent in therapy after shoulder surgery. The therapists were cheerful, knowledgeable, and patient. And best of all, I had great results and have fully recovered!"
Apr 08, 2019
"Thanks for the personal therapy."
Apr 08, 2019
" I was suffering from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever complications resulting from a tick bite. I had chronic pain in my knees and thighs, I also had mobility issues and trouble climbing stairs. The staff treated me with ultra sound and developed an exercise regimen which was and is very beneficial. The pain has not returned and I have been able to return to my normal activities. I highly recommend Atlas PT and give them a Five Star rating.! "
Apr 08, 2019
"Jani Brewer is the best!!! I have had multiple joint surgeries and have always chose Jani as my PT. She has always went above and beyond to make sure I have received the best care!!"
Apr 08, 2019
"All the staff are very friendly.My physical therapist( Lois) was very understanding and patient.I had an overall great experience."
Jan 17, 2019
"I am 55 yrs old. I have never had a better therapist like Latesha Stevenson. She is such a wonderful therapist & person. She was so knowledgeable to teach me how to use my own body for strength. I would highly recommend Atlas in Draffenville. Everyone there was so nice & friendly. I just want to say thank you so much. In the future, I will always ask to come back to Atlas. On a scale of 1-10, I rate everyone at Atlas a 12!"
Jun 12, 2018
"I spent 6 weeks receiving therapy on my back. Atlas is accommodating whenever appointments are set up. They listen to you and put together a personal therapy schedule suited just for you. The therapists were so nice and so compassionate to the patients. I would definitely use them again."
May 28, 2018
"excellent "
Apr 17, 2018
"The people at Atlas got me physically ready to go out into the regular gym. After working with me using their knowledge and encouraging words, I was able to get on a routine and have lost weight. I feel great. I thank Atlas Physical Therapy for all their help. "
Apr 06, 2018
"Atlas Physical Therapy was extremely knowledgeable in helping me regain my mobility and strength. The staff was friendly, upbeat, and punctual. I am very satisfied with their service and would recommend them. I would use them again if a need occurred."
Mar 28, 2018
"I have been using Atlas for the last 2-3 weeks to help me prepare for a half marathon. Their guidance and support is absolutely amazing. They have a great knowledge base, the newest cutting edge equipment and a staff that is completely supportive of your goals. I would advise anyone who has a medical need or training desire to go for an evaluation. "
Feb 08, 2018


Just a quick note to say thank you, for giving me the tools to improve my life. When I started I was not sure this would work. But after just a few short weeks, my life has really improved. I can move around with less pain & I have also learned what to do if the pain comes back. Thank you to the whole staff. I tell everyone don't give up, check out the staff at Atlas Physical Therapy. Again I thank you for all your help.

Pat Nix (December 2018)

"When I started my physical therapy at Atlas Physical Therapy back in August 2017, I had a frozen shoulder with a very limited range of motion. I felt very discouraged in the beginning, but with the help of Atlas, I am more encouraged now than I ever thought possible. I can now do most of everything I could not do before. I still will continue my exercises at home, but I am completely amazed at where I am now.
Atlas is an outstanding facility from reception and office staff to therapists and assistants. All work in cooperation and coordination with each other. My physical therapy treatment as well has been outstanding! The commitment to my maximizing function and well-being is clear in the quality of therapy provided. This experience went Above & Beyond my initial expectations.
Huge thanks to the front office staff, Krisi Harris and Leigh Cissell, for being so friendly and making me feel right at home. Also, I was very fortunate in getting to know my therapists, Lois Dolan, Jenni Hansrote, Ruth Kendall & Fred Troutt. These therapists all really go out of their way to encourage and push you. Their ultimate goal is to improve your quality of life, and they achieved that goal with me. The kindness, professionalism and quality of care shown to me were EXCEPTIONAL. They are always friendly, positive and encouraging. Especially on those days I just wanted to give up! They can quickly turn a bad day into a ray of sunshine. I feel that I would not be physically capable with my shoulder without the help I received from these wonderful people at Atlas.
It seems hard to put into words how grateful and thankful I truly am, for each one of them, for what they have done for me. Now that my therapy has been successfully completed, I must say I will truly miss my Atlas team family!"

Judy Short (October 30, 2017)

"I've been suffering with a "crick" in my neck for over 2 years & have tried nearly everything from ice packs to cortisone shots for relief, but to no avail. I finally came to Atlas as a last resort and given the lack of success with other remedies I was skeptical. However, to my surprise I've finally found the path to being pain free. I'm not completely there yet but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The pain has definitely diminished as a result of the exercises I've been taught & I am sure that over time it will be gone. I intend to do exercises now for the duration. Thank you Lois, Jenni & Bryan for helping & showing me how to be pain free."

Craig Rhodes (August 10, 2017)

"Thank you so much for the professional team here at Atlas. I have been completely satisfied with all your services & the knowledge of your staff. Lois has been exceptional & her talents as a therapist are awesome. She has a wonderful way with people. I was blessed to have met her & Jenni. Thank You!"

Dale Thompson (March 2017)

"I want to thank the staff at Atlas Physical Therapy. They all do an awesome job working with me every step of the way. This was one of the friendliest places I have been in a long time, always smiling & making you feel welcome. God Bless."

Anita Hall (March 2017)

"A few short months ago I came in here in a wheel chair. I am now walking one mile a day without assistance & my progress continues. I appreciate the entire crew & staff of Atlas. I am extremely grateful to Mark & Mitchell for their patience & expertise in helping transform my life. I could not have made it without you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! God Bless All."

Ted Mungle (March 2017)

"I came to Atlas after months of being in a boot & on crutches after multiple foot surgeries. I did not think that I would ever walk right again after all that I had been through. Rene & Bryan have worked with me for approximately 2 months & their work has been amazing! You can tell they really care about their patients. They stay right with you to make sure you are doing everything correctly. If something isn't working they will try something else. I would joke with them about being mean to me but actually they are really great people to work with, I am going to miss them."

Amanda Duke (January 2017)

"Confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, could not walk, bend over, severe shaking and tremors. I was falling, stumbling and dropping things. I felt like I was losing my mind! What was happening to me was explained as a Transient Ischemic Attack, a TIA, and I needed physical therapy. That is when I walked in the doors of Atlas Physical Therapy holding onto a walker. After three days a week for two months and by the grace of God, I began to recover. I can walk, bend over without falling, and no longer need a cane or a walker. The confusion, memory loss and slurred speech is now better and I am feeling much stronger as each day passes. Thanks to the kindness and patience of all the staff members, I am on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend Atlas Physical Therapy to friends and family."

Rita Huston

"You'll need to have surgery on your neck. We'll go in through the front, move your windpipe to the side, remove the vertebrae and replace it with one from a cadaver." Those words echoed repeatedly and sounded unsettling to say the least. Then I was referred to Atlas Physical Therapy! From the first visit I felt the dedication and concern of the staff. They put my scheduling needs first and kept me informed of my personal therapy program. Within a few visits I could feel relief from neck pain- And after completing all visits, I am virtually pain free. Armed with knowledge of exercises I can do at home & progress I've made, I know surgery isn't a consideration at all! Thanks to everyone at Atlas I'll continue to thrive!

Pam Samuels

"I came to Atlas to rehab a broken ankle. I needed to bring the strength level back to where it had been. I am pleased to say with the help of my awesome therapist, I blasted through my goals! The work was hard but everyone was so friendly and encouraging I wanted to do my best, and it paid off. I will recommend Atlas to others!"

Kristen Anderson

"I believe my Physical Therapy has been productive and very successful in relieving a lot of my pain and discomfort in the Lumbar region of my back. All of my therapists were knowledgeable and courteous during my visits. I hope to continue my exercises and visit my doctor for re-evaluation of my sciatica. Therapy has been very helpful and is allowing me more freedom of movement and walking."

Jimmie Johnson (1/21/2016)

"I visited Atlas Physical Therapy for PT following 2 hip reconstruction surgeries. I was very pleased with the care I received here. I advanced with my protocol ahead of my doctor's expectations and was back to my normal activities very quickly! I will definitely return to Atlas with any PT issues in the future."

Sandy Peeler

"For the past 3 years I have noticed that my balance has gotten much worse. As I have Osteoporosis and significant Arthritis I realize a fall could result in a broken hip. Instead of the usual new year resolutions, I made up my mind to make Goals for 2016. My first & most important goal was to get P.T. to improve my balance. Jani Brewer has worked with me for 4 weeks, 3x per week. I have made very good progress & have had fun doing it! I'm so glad I still get to work with Fred & Jerry & will continue to practice and come back for a re-check."

Ginny Cochran

"When I came to Atlas Physical Therapy I had a hard time putting on my socks & shoes because of my right hip. I had a very hard time climbing 3 steps into my home. Because my right hip was weak I had to give up many activities that I enjoyed doing such as walking for exercise, going to the gym, carrying my granddaughter & other fun activities. Since I came for therapy, I have been able to climb stairs, walk more & enjoy life more. Physical therapy has helped me tremendously & has changed my attitude by continuing to do activities I enjoy."

Tracy Holmes